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Research 101 (older version): Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google, as you know, searches websites that are available on the open web, by following links (see "How Google Searches" for more info).

Google Scholar searches for scholarly publications. 

Most of these can only be read if you belong to an institution that subscribes to the journal, so to get access you need to let Google Scholar know that you are a Hostos student who is permitted to download any article from a journal we subscribe to. Here's how:

(A) If you are on-campus and using a Hostos computer: Google Scholar should recognize that the computer belongs to Hostos, and you should not need to do anything extra to gain access.

(B) If you are off-campus on a computer that is not your own:

(C) If you are off-campus using your own computer:

1. You can do the same thing as (B) above - or if you plan to be using it often, you can change your settings in Google Scholar so you don't have to do the above every time.

2. To change your settings, go to  and click on "settings".

Google Scholar settings

3. Click on "library links", which depending on your screen might be on the top or on the side:

library links top

library links side

4. Search for Hostos by typing in the box and hitting the search button:

search for Hostos

5. Check the boxes now available to you and hit "save":

Check boxes and hit enter

Now, after you do a search, look for the clickable links on the right hand side to get to articles.

  • Some articles may be posted on institutional repositories, like our own CUNY Academic Works, or a similar site where scholars choose to post their articles so anyone can read them for free. 
  • Articles that say "at Hostos" you have access to because you are a Hostos student.

Happy researching!

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