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Research 101 (older version): Item I want is not at Hostos Library

Item that is at another CUNY college

(1) If you have used OneSearch to find a book at Hostos, but it's checked out, click on the title and scroll down to look under "locations" to see if another CUNY has it.

(2) You can also choose to start your search looking through all of CUNY. Click the drop-down menu by the search box:

search all CUNY libraries dropdown menu

If you click on the title of the book, you'll see an information page. The top will look like this:

example of book result not at Hostos but at other CUNY

Scroll down the page to see the list of locations:

 example of locations list with prompt to sign in

If you're not already signed in, please sign in using your CUNY Login (firstname.lastname##).

After you have signed in, you'll see this:

Locations prompt with Deliver to... dropdown menu


Click on "Deliver to..." and choose where you want to have the book sent - Hostos is the default, but you can choose another campus if you prefer.

pick up hold

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 Finding research sources Evaluating research sources

Item that is not at any CUNY

If you have already checked to see if the item is at any CUNY College, and:

(a) you can wait several days:  

You may request it through Tipasa, the online Inter-Library Loan system, and have it delivered to the Hostos Library. (If the item is at a CUNY college, the request will be denied.)

In order to borrow through Tipasa, you will need to create an account with your name and EMPL ID.

Or (b) IF you need it right away

Try WorldCat - which searches thousands of libraries at once--to see if it is available to pick up at an NYC-area library.

WorldCat search for Changeling

If WorldCat finds the item, look closely to see which VERSION(S) it has found:

WorldCat Changeling item type

Click on the version of the thing you want and look at the LOCATIONS:

WorldCat Changeling locations

  • Quick option one: if WorldCat says that your item is at the NYPL (which has branches in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island), the Brooklyn Public Library, or the Queens Public Library, the fastest option is to to go to the branch where the item is.
    • You can also request that the item is sent to a branch convenient to you, but this will take a few days. If you have any questions about how to do this, come see a librarian for help.
  • Quick option two: if WorldCat says that your item is at a non-CUNY college or other library in NYC, come ask a Hostos Librarian for a "METRO referral card" that will give you permission to go use that book (at the other library; it won't enable you to check it out).


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