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ENV 120 - Environmental Sciences II

Introduction & Impact on Human Effect

One person's hands in gardening gloves holding greens harvested from an out of focus garden below


Additional Materials

1.4 Environment and Environmental Science

Environmental science studies all aspects of the environment in an interdisciplinary way. This means that it requires the knowledge of various other subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, microbiology, biochemistry, geology, economics, law, sociology, etc.

1.5 The Scientific Method

The scientific process typically starts with an observation (often a problem to be solved) that leads to a question. The scientific method consists of a series of well-defined steps. If a hypothesis is not supported by experimental data, a new hypothesis can be proposed.

1.6 Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Sustainability and the triple bottom-line (meeting environmental, economic, and social goals simultaneously) require that we limit our environmental impact, while promoting economic well-being and social equity.

Introduction to Environmental Sciences: What is Environmental Science and Sustainability

Earth is the only place in the universe that is definitely known to sustain life and ecosystems. Other than sunlight, the natural resources needed to sustain the human economy are restricted to the limited amounts that can be extracted on Earth.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

2022 New York Scoping Plan (Overview, Facts and Full Report): Framework to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions, increase renewable energy usage, and ensure climate justice.

New York’s Scoping Plan

The Scoping Plan is the framework for how New York will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions, increase renewable energy use, and ensure all communities equitably benefit in the clean energy transition.


Chapter 18, Impact on Human Health
Chapter 19: First Order Effects
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Chapter 1: Introduction to Environmental Science
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What is Environmental Science and Sustainability
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Ecological Footprint Calculator
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New York State Climate Action Council Scoping Plan
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