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ENG 204 - Creative Non-Fiction - Textbook

Course Info

Units for ENG 204 Creative Non-Fiction

  • Unit 1: The Writing Process
  • Unit 2: Memoir
  • Unit 3: My Space
  • Unit 4: Pandemic Fashion/Pandemic Essay
  • Unit 5: Interviews
  • Unit 6: Interview Revision
  • Unit 7: Meaningful Image and Final Memoir

Learning Outcomes for Course

  • Understand the features and sub-genres of Creative Non-Fiction
  • Understand the interaction between works in Creative Non-Fiction and their cultural/historical context
  • Enhance strategies for reading, drafting, revising, editing, and self-assessment
  • Gather, interpret, and assess information from a variety of sources and points of view
  • Have experience writing in many of the sub-genres of Creative Non-Fiction
  • Produce well-reasoned written arguments using evidence to support conclusions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the skills involved in the creative process.