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Online Research for Latin American/Latinx & Caribbean Studies

This guide will assist students in doing research in Lat Am/Latinx & Caribbean Studies courses taught by Prof. Torres-Velez.

How Do I Distinguish Between Different Sources?

Types of Sources - This link directs you to our library research page. There you'll find instructional slides that will show you how to go about doing research.


Tips for Evaluating Sources!


  • Peer-reviewed sources are written by experts for other experts in professional fields. Authors use technical and academic language.


  • Magazine and newspaper articles are written by experts for the general public.


  • Select magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles to get a general overview of your subject before viewing peer-reviewed sources.


  • ‚ÄčEncyclopedia articles are written by experts for the general public and students. Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedia articles available via our library digital resources.


For more information on evaluating sources see: Library Research Guide.