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Hostos Remote Labs is now available for Students to remotely access software that was previously only available on campus lab computers!  Because this system is web-based, you can access it from any web browser.  Hostos Remote Lab is compatible with mobile devices but for the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with a keyboard and mouse.


This is a list of the software currently available:


QuickBooks 2020

CUNY Virtual Desktop

Basic Algebra Shape up set 1

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Basic Algebra Shape up set 2

Freedom Scientific FS Reader

Pre-Algebra Shape up

Hillcrest: Beginning Medical Transcription

Fraction Shape up

Microsoft Office Suite

SPSS Statistics

IHMC Cmap Tools

Wolfram Mathematica

Keyboarding Pro


Medisoft Advanced

National Library Virtual Math

Dev-C ++



Here's how to get started:


1.       Open a web browser and go to:

2.      When the Global Protect Portal window appears, enter your HOSTOS username and password*.


*Your HOSTOS username is what comes before “”, in your email address. – (For example, if your email is, your username is JSMITH1234) You can also use the Username Lookup or the Password Reset tool if you are unsure of your account credentials or have forgotten your password.


3.       On the GLOBALPROTECT portal page (shown below) , select "Computer Lab Remote Access".


4.       On the Remote Labs Login prompt (shown below), enter your HOSTOS User name and password again.

5.      On the connections window (shown below), click on the “Windows PC” link under the “All Connections” section.



6.      You will then see a list of all available lab stations displayed. (as shown below). All of the displayed stations will contain the same installed software. Provided that the station does not show it being “in use”, you can select any available station to connect to.

Please Note: If the computer you selected is in use, you'll receive the following error (shown below) in that case, click on "Home" and repeat the previous step to connect to another station.




7.      Once you select an available station, you will see the following screen (as shown below). Select “OK” to initiate your Remote Lab session.


8.      When you finish using the session, it is important to “Sign out”, so that the station can be used by another user. Click on the Windows icon, then select the HOSTOS logo and click “Sign out”( as shown below)


To Sign out of the Hostos Remote Lab environment, click on your username on the top right side of the page and select "Logout"




· If you need to save any files, you will need to email them to yourself or use a CUNY provided online storage service such as Dropbox.  You will not be able to traditionally save files to any station

· Any session that is left unattended after 15 minutes will be logged off automatically.  Please be sure that you are actively working while logged in to avoid disconnection.  You will receive a message warning before this happens.