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CAP 201 - No Fear

Welcome to this guide in Information Practices in Psychology

Welcome to this Psychology Capstone Libguide. This guide is designed to help students, teachers, and anyone interested in the discipline learn more about the many types of information that help people who work in the field do their jobs, create new knowledge and share information with others.

Introduction to the field of Psychology

Our Capstone field/discipline is about the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. In Psychology, one studies human cognitive functions and impairments, social behavior, health, personality, as well as human development. Research and studies are conducted in order to identify illnesses or disorders, diagnose, and develop successful treatments in those individuals. In other words, psychology focuses on three major factors when it comes to human beings and the why’s and how’s: biological, social, and environmental.  There are countless career options in the field of psychology such as clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, forensic psychologist, school psychologist, etc. Psychologists use naturalistic observation, lab instruments, archival records, psychometric tests, surveys, etc. in order for others to grasp the psychology of humans. 


For more information about this field you might want to explore a website to a professional organization in history.

About us


My name is Jessica Perez and I am a college student at Hostos Community college majoring in liberal arts. As a witness to how many people from young to the elderly are mistreated and misunderstood by other indecent individuals, as well as enjoying finding solutions to problems I have become intrigued with the field of psychology. My career of choice is really undefined but ranges from a guidance counselor to a psychiatrist to a social worker and even a child protective services worker. I strongly believe learning and understanding people will also help me better myself as an individual to be able to make a difference in the world I live in.