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CAP 201 - Sample Information Practices in History

Welcome to this guide in Information Practices in History

Welcome to this History Capstone Libguide. This guide is designed to help students, teachers, and anyone interested in the discipline learn more about the many types of information that help people who work in the field do their jobs, create new knowledge and share information with others.

Introduction to the field of History

History is an academic discipline that examines the past. Historians use texts and objects such as diaries and letters, institutional records, images, and physical artifacts to help us understand events, cultures, people, and institutions in the past and help us better understand the present. Some historians use data about population trends, health, or ecological phenomena to understand the past more broadly.

This image represents historical sources commonly found in archives and libraries.

"International & Area Studies Library" by IllinoisLibrary is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For more information about this field you might want to explore a website to a professional organization in history.

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