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Vote!: What's at stake?

Find out information about voting

Get informed!

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New York City has a good site with lots of info about your voting rights, where to vote, and more. Check it out! 

Find out who will be on your ballot for Congress and for the NY State Assembly and Senate on Who's On the Ballot*, or on, a site run by the League of Women Voters and the CUNY Grad Center. 

You can also find current information about Congressional races across the country, state and local ballot measures, articles about policies, information about pending Supreme Court cases, and more on Ballotpedia. 

* Please note that when you fill out the form on Ballotpedia, you do NOT have to give your email address in order to get the information about your ballot. 

Some good sources of information

Here are some current and respected popular sources that can get you started on your research to find out what is at stake in these elections. 

  • The New York Times has a guide to the 2020 elections that has a lot of information. The focus is on the presidential race, including the latest news and detailed information about candidates, but don't forget that there are important elections for Congress as well.  
  •, a political analysis site, has ongoing coverage about the elections. As with the New York Times, the focus is on the presidential race, but they also cover Congress. 
  • The Atlantic, a news magazine that often covers political matters, also has relevant articles


It's great to register to vote and get informed about the people and issues at stake.

There are also a number of advocacy groups mobilizing around the elections if you want to get more involved.

Some of the most active groups include When We All Vote,  Rock the Vote,  Common Cause NYC, which are non-partisan (do not claim support for a particular party.) Oher mobilization groups include Swing Left and Indivisible, which are in opposition to the Trump administration. There are no doubt groups with other points of view as well.