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Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Requesting Items

This guide provide information on using the Inter library Loan to request items not availability withing the CUNY system.

Contact Information

Contact ILL




Tipasa and Hostos WorldCat

Hostos WorldCat and Tipasa  are separate but related InterLibrary Loan services.

WorldCat can get you items (anything but copy requests) faster, provided our consortium libraries own these items. To request items from WorldCat, please search for the item you want in Hostos WorldCat and then request it.

Tipasa  may take a little longer for items, but many more libraries use this service. It is also the service to use if you know the item you want and you just want to request it;  you do not want to search for it.  Provide us the author & title and we will do our best to find what you need.

For more information on requesting items, please check out how to request items in the following two formats:

  • Copy -  Article, book chapter, conference, etc. - anything that can be scanned and emailed
  • Loan - (Book, CD, DVD, thesis, etc. - anything that can be mailed to us physically)