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Hostos Archives: Digital Partnerships

Digital partnerships

Hostos Archives is dedicated to providing better access to its holdings for faculty, staff, students, and researchers from the community and abroad.  Thus we are currently undertaking an ongoing effort to provide access to our collections and images digitally.

Here are several digital project Hostos archives has participated in with the New York State Archives, The Center of Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, and other archives.

Ventana al Pasado

Ventana al pasado is a bilingual web-based research collection that links the Latino-related records located in ten New York State archival repositories. Ventana brings together collections documenting the New York’s Latino/Hispanic community, and makes them accessible to researchers all over the world. Coordinated by the New York State Archives and Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños,

Ventana al pasado unites 94 collections and over 3,100 digital images that document the social, political, and cultural lives of New York’s Hispanic and Latino communities through the records of Hispanic/Latino community leaders and organizations, union members, politicians, artists, and others. Governmental records shed light on its role in issues such as affirmative action, immigration, and bilingual education. Included in the resource are photographs, letters, flyers, and other archival records that document the diverse experiences of Latino/Hispanic populations in New York State. 

Together these materials tell the story of communities previously underrepresented in the historical record and trace their experiences in New York. This digital collection contains approximately 300 images from five separate archival collections held by Hostos Community College.

Electronic Schoolhouse

The Electronic Schoolhouse is a bilingual educational resource from the New York State Archives, the Archives Partnership Trust, and Time Warner that focuses on using historical records as learning tools in elementary, middle and secondary education. Classroom teachers developed the content to correlate with the New York State Learning Standards. Available in English and Spanish, The Electronic Schoolhouse examines the Latino experience in New York through photographs, letters, broadsides, flyers, and more dating from 1861 to the present.  Introductory videos explain how teachers can use such primary sources in their classrooms and the kinds of institutions that care for these one-of-a-kind materials.

Hostos Exhibits

This site includes many images from various Hostos archival collections, particularly the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art.  It is currently being used as a test site which the Hostos archives is actively developing.