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Textbooks at the library

Where are the books I'm required to read for class?

Many professors put their textbooks (or other required reading) on "reserve" at the library so students don't have to buy the book.

Reserves books can only be checked out for a short period of time, in order that everyone in your class (or in all the sections of the course!) has a good chance of being able to do the reading before your next class.

Reserves books can be checked out for two hours and are at the reserves desk (in the room upstairs with photocopiers). Tell the person at the reserves desk the name of the book and the call number (see below).

How can I look up the call number of a book?

Here is how to search for any book (including textbooks) on OneSearch (with explanation of call numbers). 

Can I take a reserves book out of the library?

Yes, but please be sure to bring them back in time, to avoid any fee! More details about our reserves policies here.

Many students photocopy or scan pages they need for the week during the loan time.

What if I want to have a textbook I can keep for longer?

If you would like to use an older version of the textbook for your course, first be sure to ask your professor if that is okay! Sometimes textbooks don't change much from year to year but sometimes the changes are substantial.

Sometimes older textbooks are moved from the reserves room to the "stacks" (shelves downstairs in the main reading room). The "stacks" are our home for most of our books (we have all sorts of books that are NOT textbooks!) 
Stacks books can be borrowed for four weeks (and renewed online for longer if no one else has requested them).


Books that are NOT at Hostos Library

If the Hostos Library does not have your book:

Here is how to search for a book at another CUNY college.

Here is how to find a book if it is not at any other CUNY

What about buying books?

There is no longer a physical bookstore at Hostos. This is the online bookstore Hostos now uses, and instructions for how to use it.

This CUNY page gives you suggestions for places to save money by buying used textbooks or renting them. (Of course if you borrow a textbook from Hostos Library reserves, it is free!)