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The Hostos Community College Library is closed. When we have more information, we will post it here.

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Our mission

Our vision of the Hostos Library is that of a centralized empowerment zone focused on a student-centered, active learning environment. At the heart of our mission is our duty and role to provide students with critical skills in order for them to be successful in their academic and life pursuits, and all of our programming, collection development and instructional activities are founded on this belief.

As an academic department, the Hostos Community College Library functions as a dynamic center of teaching and learning. The Library provides information literacy tools that enhance the pursuit of knowledge by teaching our college community to retrieve, critically evaluate and synthesize information for academic, professional and personal pursuits.

In this thriving urban environment, we partner with each academic department to broaden and contextualize all areas of study, selecting and using the necessary instructional materials, related equipment and services that will assist the college in meeting its educational, cultural and social obligations.

All students should graduate from Hostos Community College with the ability to formulate a research question or problem, to determine its information requirements, to locate and retrieve the relevant information, to organize, analyze, evaluate, treat critically and synthesize the information and to communicate and present that information in a cohesive and logical fashion. 

Moreover, every student should graduate from Hostos understanding the ethical, legal and socio-political issues surrounding information and knowledge and how it is produced. The students here attending college in the South Bronx must be afforded an equal opportunity to acquire these skills if they are to participate as equal members of society in the 21st century.

The library faculty supports an environment of free and critical thought to realize the goals of a bilingual, metropolitan and multicultural community college.

[statements excerpted from our mission statement and statement as a recipient of the Association for College and Research Libraries 2007 Excellence in Libraries award.]


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