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Hostos Library Policies and Procedures: Donation policy

Donation policy

Hostos Library selectively accepts donations based on the following criteria:

  • The compatibility of materials with the collection development priorities
  • The physical condition of the materials.
  • Space and available staff for processing materials.


Donors should also be aware of the following considerations:

  • Upon receipt, donated items become the sole property of Hostos Community College Library. The Library reserves the right to discard, give away, or sell any donated materials.
  • The Library reserves the right to decline any donation without explanation.
  • Due to limited staffing, the Library will acknowledge the receipt of large gifts with a letter only upon request of the donor. Gifts of ten books or less will not be acknowledged.
  • The Library does not appraise donations for tax purposes or provide donors with lists of donated titles.
  • The Library does not provide special processing (e.g. book plates).
  • Unless a gift is to be used for a specific course and placed on Reserve, we cannot expedite the processing of gift materials.

Donation Procedures

  • Gifts of less than ten items may be dropped off at the circulation desk.
  • Donors must arrange donations of gifts of twenty items or more with library subject liaisons or the collection management librarian. Donors must arrange for the delivery of large gifts to the library's Technical Services Unit, A-207H, during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5)
  • A donation form (link to donation form) must be completed for gifts of 10 books or more. This form formally acknowledges the transfer of ownership from the donor to the Library. Questions and Inquiries: Professor Elisabeth Tappeiner, Head of Collection Management, (718)-518-4221.