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Hostos Library Policies and Procedures: Laptop loan policy

Laptop policy

Hostos Community College Library provides a laptop loan program for Hostos students. The program is funded by the CUNY Student Technology Fee.  The Dell Latitude C510 laptops are internally equipped with wireless network cards for use where wireless access exists.  Wireless networking is available throughout the Library and various locations on campus.  All laptops are loaded with MS Office 2000 (includes MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word), Adobe Acrobat, and Earthlink internet capability. This program is designed for experienced computer users who are able to use the installed applications. The Library is not prepared to offer technical support. For support, please consult a tech tutor in Open Computer Lab located in C-595.

Who May Borrow a Laptop?

Any Hostos student with a currently validated identification card.

How Can I Borrow a Laptop?

  • A currently validated Hostos ID is required to checkout laptops.
  • Laptop computers may only be checked out from the Circulation Desk (A-308B) in the Library.
  • A Library staff member will provide the student with an “Agreement of Use and Liability Form”.
  • The student will be required to read and sign the “Agreement of Use and Liability Form” accepting responsibility for late return of, as well as loss or damage to, the computer and all parts while the laptop is charged to him/her.
  • The Library staff member will complete the top portion “Laptop Loan Form” and present the laptop to the student for physical inspection of the laptop and its components.
  • Please allow at least fifteen minutes to check out the computer and sign the agreement. At the time of checkout, the laptop will be turned on so to verify that it is issued to the student in good working condition.

Loan Period 

There is a one week loan period for laptop computers. Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no waiting list.  All laptops are due back at least one-half hour before the library closes. Laptops will stop circulating one hour before closing. All laptops must be returned by the date and time indicated.


Laptops may only be returned by the borrower.  Laptops returned by any other individual will not be accepted by Library staff members.All laptops must be returned in-person to a Circulation Desk staff member on the 3rd floor of the library. Do not leave a laptop computer on the Circulation Desk or at any other library service desk. At the time of return a Library staff member will check software, internal components, and inventory all the physical components (external drives, battery, mouse etc.). This process will take up to 15 minutes to complete. The borrower must remain at the Circulation Desk for this entire process.


Laptops may not be renewed.  Laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no waiting list.

Overdue Fines 

  • $15.00 per hour  (.25 cents per minute overdue ($15.00 per hour).
  • $25.00 per day, $1,300 to replace
  • There is no grace period. If a laptop and its peripherals are not returned within 24 hours of its due date/time, it will be considered stolen Hostos Community College property.
  • The student will be billed the replacement cost of $1,300.00 plus accrued overdue fines. This information will be sent to the Bursar’s Office. The Library and the Bursar’s Office will block student records.
  • The student’s library privileges will be suspended throughout the entire City University of New York system.
  • Students will not be able to register, obtain transcripts/diploma, or graduate until the fine is paid in full. In the event that the laptop is returned, the student will be credited that $1,300.00 and will only incur overdue fees.
  • Penalties for inappropriate use/treatment of the laptops may include fines, and suspension of library privileges.

Replacement and Repair Charges 

  • The laptop borrower is solely responsible for any loss or damage and will be required to sign a liability statement. In the event that a laptop computer is lost, stolen, or not returned, the replacement cost of the computer will be $1,300.00 plus accrued overdue fines.
  • In the event that the laptop is damaged, the charge will be the cost of repair including labor.
  • These charges will be sent to the Bursar’s Office for collection and may prevent a student from registering for classes, obtaining diploma/transcripts, and/or graduating until paid in full.

Borrower’s Responsibilities 

Borrowers Must:

  • Provide a currently validated Hostos Community College ID card.
  • Read and Sign an “Agreement of Use and Liability Form”.
  • Read and Sign a “Laptop Loan Form”.
  • Return laptops on time and in good condition.

Borrowers are responsible for:

  • Full replacement cost of the laptop computer or any peripherals charged out to them that are lost, stolen, or not returned.
  • Full repair cost charged by the Library’s selected repair service if the computer or any peripherals are damaged.

Borrowers should:

  • Never leave the laptop computer unattended while it is checked out to them!
  • Never lend or give the laptop computer to another person.
  • Never borrow a laptop computer on behalf of another person.
  • Store all files on a floppy diskette or other medium prior to returning the laptop to the library.
  • Never save or download to the C:// drive. Security software will erase anything/everything on the drive once turned off or rebooted.


Hostos Community College Library assumes no responsibility for files stored on the hard drive or the recovery of files accidentally left in the hard drive after the computer has been returned; nor is the Library responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user’s floppy disk. The Library does not encourage use of the hard disk for temporary or permanent storage of files. The hard drive cannot be used for temporary or permanent storage of files. Security software reconfigures the laptop each time it’s rebooted.

For additional information not included here, contact Access Services at (718) 518-4222.

Agreement of Use and Liability 

  • I accept full responsibility for the laptop computer and accessories I am borrowing.
  • I will reimburse Hostos Community College for the cost of repairing or replacing this laptop, and/or accessories if they are damaged, lost, stolen, or not returned while checked out in my name.
  • I understand that the replacement cost for this laptop computer will be no less than $1,300.00 plus accrued overdue fine(s).
  • I will pay an overdue fine of .25 cents per minute ($15.00 per hour), if I fail to return this laptop and all accessories to the Library’s Circulation Desk.
  • I have witnessed the physical inspection of the Laptop computer and its components.  All checked parts are present and appear to be functioning.
  • I understand that my abuse of laptop loan privileges may also result in disciplinary action and the inability to borrow laptop computers in the future.
  • I understand that all charges that are accrued as a result of violations of these policies will be sent to the Bursar’s Office and will prevent me from registering for classes, from obtaining diploma/transcript(s), and/or graduating until paid in full.
  • I understand that failure to return the laptop within the allotted time will be considered theft of Hostos Community College property and appropriate action will be taken.
  • I understand that I am not to perform any illegal activities with this laptop. (i.e., hacking, pirating, downloading pornography, etc.)
  • I understand that if I perform any illegal activities with this laptop, I will be subject to the disciplinary rules and regulations of Hostos Community College and perhaps, those of the City of New York.; which may result in the possibility of arrest.
  • I do hereby verify that I have read and understand the Use and Liability Agreement as it pertains to the loan of a Hostos Community College laptop computer.
  • I agree to abide by this and related laptop loan policies.

NEVER, EVER leave your Laptop Unattended