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Hostos Library Policies and Procedures: Overview of loan periods

Quick overview of loan periods

Books from the main reading room downstairs 

These include great non-fiction books you can use for research, whether for class or your personal interests. We also have literature in English and Spanish (with a few books in French and other languages) including novels, short stories, poetry, and graphic novels.

These books may be taken out for 4 weeks at a time (late fine is 25 cents per day).

Reserve books from the reserve room upstairs (in the room with the photocopiers)

These are usually textbooks or other readings required by a professor for the entire class. You can only borrow a reserve book for two hours, so that everyone in your class has a chance to read the book. The late fine is at least 5 dollars per hour and $25 per day -- so please watch your time very closely!

Circulating DVDs may be taken out for 1 week at a time (late fine is $1.20/day).

Laptops may be taken out for 1 week at a time (late fine is $25/day, $1,300 to replace).

Calculators may be taken out for 3 days at a time (late fine is $10/day).

Please make sure you pay your fines!
If you owe $5 or more in fines, you will not be allowed to borrow anything else from Hostos or any other CUNY college until you have paid.

You also won’t be able to use the library’s databases from off-campus or to request that any book be sent from another CUNY.



AVOID LATE FINES! Did you know? You can manage your account from anywhere, online.

If you want to check when your book is due, or want to renew it, sign in here.screenshot of CUNY login box

Use the same username and password that you use for CUNY First & Blackboard.

You can also log in via OneSearch, click on the upper-right-hand corner.

sign in from OneSearch upper right hand corner

Your name will now appear in the corner. Click on it!

your name will be here

After you click, the corner will now look like this. Click on "my account".

your name after clicked

You can see all your loans here - you can renew all of them, or click for more details and to choose certain items to renew.

Please note that if someone else has requested your item, or if you've renewed already, you may not be able to renew!

list of books