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Hostos Library Policies and Procedures: Home

Library general policies

In order to maintain an environment that is comfortable for all our users, we ask that you respect the following general policies:

  • Please be considerate of others and maintain a peaceful atmosphere conducive to study. Loud or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Do not eat any food within the library. Crumbs draw mice and bugs, and food smells are very distracting.
  • Drinking from closed containers is allowed (e.g., water bottles).
  • Do not speak on cell phones in the library. Please take your conversation outside so as not to disturb fellow students as they work. In the Information Learning Commons (where computers are), very quiet and brief phone conversations may be allowed at the discretion of the librarian on duty.

There are benches outside the library for students to engage in these activities.

Library access

The Hostos Library is open to all CUNY students, faculty and staff with current and validated ID cards. 

If a CUNY ID card does not have a visible sign of validation, such as a sticker, the student must bring the bursar’s receipt from their college as proof of current enrollment in the CUNY system.

The Hostos Library is also open to the public by appointment. Please call our circulation desk at (718) 518-4222 at least 24 hours in advance of your planned visit to state your purpose in using our collection and make an appointment. A picture ID card is required on the day of your visit.

Hostos alumni may use library materials within the library. Other CUNY alumni do not have library privileges but may follow the instructions above to make an appointment for a visit.