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Las Casitas: Timeline

Las casitas: An Urban Cultural Alternative

Las Casitas Timeline

Casitas initiated by BCA - 1987

Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos -1991

Experimental Gallery, Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C.  2 February 1991– 30 June 1991

Bronx Museum of the Arts 22 October 1991 – 12 January 1992

Chicago Museum of Science and Industry – 20 September 1992 -18 October 1992

“Las Casitas Revisited” at Longwood art gallery at Hostos - 2010

“Las Casitas Revisited” at Syracuse University's grand opening of new cultural center "La Casita" - 2011

Historical Timeline

The U.S. won control of Puerto Rico - 1898

Shanty dwellings built in Puerto Rico were built on marginal, swampy lands - 1920s - 1930s

Hurricane Saint Phillip strikes and hundreds of Puerto Ricans were killed -1928

Wall Street stock-market crash - 1929

Hurricane Saint Nicholas strikes the Island - 1931

Hurricane San Ciprian strikes and hundreds of Puerto Ricans were killed - 1932

Puerto Ricans began to emigrate to the U.S. looking for jobs and better economic situations -1945

Increase in airplane travel allowed many Puerto Ricans to migrate - 1950s

Civil rights movement - 1960s

Community in the South Bronx declines - 1970s

Casita Rincon Criollo was built - Late 1970s