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Reserves Scanning

In preparation for the spring 2021 semester, the Hostos Library Reserves Unit is seeking active input from teaching faculty to identify required textbook readings and resources to facilitate student access to these materials. 

Student success is contingent upon access to required course materials. The Library’s Reserve collection primarily consists of print copies of required textbooks, which students must access by physically visiting the Library.  Hostos students faced daily challenges accessing textbooks, even before the pandemic. At this time of remote learning and continued closure of the college, the challenge is even greater.

As a courtesy, the Reserves unit is providing scanned copies of required textbook readings to teaching faculty for posting to their online platform; thereby, providing access to required materials for enrolled students. We feel that this is the best solution to help students given that:

  • Reserves staffing is minimal and not definite at this time.
  • The amount of people touching the resources is greatly reduced.
  • Textbooks must be quarantined for several days between checkouts.


To help your students access required materials, please submit the Reserve Textbook Scanning Request Form.   Please allow up to five (5) days for processing.  All submissions must comply with copyright law and fair use principles. 

  • Please fill out the form properly. All required fields must be completed.
  • Please enter the ISBN number with digits only, no dashes (-). [i.e., 13 digits 9781524763169 or 10 digits 1524763160]
  • Please list either chapter numbers or page numbers.   [i.e., chapters 2,5,9, and 10 OR  p.47 or pp.12-34]
  • Please remember that the syllabus file size is a maximum of 10MB. If the PDF version is too large, please try MS Word.
  • Please submit the syllabus for the current term. Please do not submit the fall 2020 syllabus for the spring 2021 term.

**If the text is not already owned by the Library, an order will be submitted for purchase. However, we cannot promise or guarantee when or if the item will arrive in time to be processed for the course.**


Please send any inquiries to Mrs. Santa Ojeda, Reserves Manager at