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CAP 201 - Sample Information Practices in History

10. Who are the different kinds of experts in the field/discipline and what are their areas of expertise?

11. How do those authorities gain the reputation they have as experts?

12. What strategies do individuals in the field/discipline employ to help ensure that the information they use and the information sources they produce are accurate and reliable?

13. What are the “go-to” sources that experts in that field/discipline use when they need to find authoritative information?

Professor Julia Mendez, a Professor of Latin American Studies at York College, consults key academic journals in her field on a regular basis, such as the Journal of Latin American Studies, Bulletin of Latin American Research, and Hispanic American Historical Review. She goes to professional conferences where scholars and researchers present their research.  "To be honest, I already know many people in the field personally. If a new scholar comes along with an interesting perspective in my area of interest, motherhood and Catholicism in during  the period of industrialization, I introduce myself and start a correspondence. The community who study Latin American women's religious history is rather small and collaborative. We know who the experts are because we read their papers and books and we go to their conference presentations."

Mendez, Julia. Personal interview. 12 November, 2021.