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CAP 201 - Sample Information Practices in History

1. How are some of the specific information genres in the field/discipline created--what’s the process?

One specific genre that is used frequently by historians and is created for researchers is an archival finding aid.  Finding aids help researchers use an archival collection by giving an overview of the kinds of documents it contains, providing historical context, and indicating where the materials came from (provenance).  This genre helps historians find the information sources they need to study the past.

Historians often publish their work as books. This book, a biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow, inspired the musical Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda

.cover of the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

2. What kinds of information or evidence do people in this discipline use when they do formal research and where do they get it from?

3. What are the typical steps in the formal research process, in what order do these steps typically occur, and at what stages is “iteration” likely?

4. When in their work do individuals use brainstorming to consider a wide range of options, and when do they need to narrow down the list of options to focus more?

5. How often and in what ways are individuals likely to be surprised by information they've learned, and how might these surprises force them to change their research plan?