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Online Resources for Research on Dominican and Caribbean Culture & History: Home

This guide will provide a sample of online resources for LAC 106 taught by Prof Ozuna. Please view the tips in each section as you use these resources.

How Do I Distinguish Between Different Sources?

  • Chart of Different Types of Sources - Courtesy of Wayne State University Libraries, this chart is a breakdown of different types of academic sources. Please note that scholarly sources are another name for peer-reviewed sources.


Tips for Evaluating Sources!

1. Peer-reviewed sources are written by experts for other experts in professional fields. Authors use technical and academic language.

2. Magazine and newspaper articles are written by experts for the general public.

3. Select magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles to get a general overview of your subject before viewing peer-reviewed sources.

‚Äč4. Encyclopedia articles are written by experts for the general public and students. Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedia articles available via our library e-resources.

How Do I Cite My Sources?


Tips for Using MLA Style Citation!

1. Any information you use from a source whether a quotation, summary, or paraphrased (your own words) must be cited. When in doubt cite! 

2. Use In-Text Citation first to cite a source. This is a brief citation that will appear in the body of your paragraph in the research paper. 

3. The Works Cited page appears at the end of your research paper and is the full citation of what you briefly cited inside your paper.


Online Citation Tools - The resources below can generate citations with a click of the mouse!


  • When you find items in One Search, click on the quotation mark icon and a citation will appear as shown below.

  • EasyBib: Free online citation generator for students.

  • For more information on MLA Citation see our Library Research Guide.


Citation tool in OneSearch

Citation view in OnesSearch

Where Do I Search for Information?

  • One Search For broad searches that includes full-text books, peer-reviewed articles, newspapers and other sources.


  • Ethnic NewsWatch - Search for full-text peer-reviewed, magazine and newspaper articles in this database that specializes in ethnic studies. Topics such as the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and Dominican migration are covered.



Tips for searching the databases!

1. You will be required to login when using databases off-campus. Login using your CUNY Login (firstname.lastname##). 

2. Use short keywords in search box, such as: Dominican migration or Caribbean history. Use different combination of keywords such as race Dominican Republic or Caribbean culture or add music, politics or food. 

3. Narrow down results by using filters that appear on the left or right hand side of screen, such as peer-reviewed sources, newspapers, date or subjects.

More Information



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