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Microsoft Office 365 and Teams: Home

Guide for Hostos Faculty to get Started with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-Based Confidentiality

The City University of New York provides Microsoft Office 365 for Education to students at participating colleges via the Microsoft Office in Education program. The license remains active until you leave the University, at which point it will be in read-only mode and you will be prompted to pay a license fee to Microsoft or stop using Microsoft Office 365 for Education.

The Microsoft Office 365 for Education cloud applications and services vary by college but always include Outlook, online Microsoft Office and the downloadable Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus suite of Microsoft Office applications.

Students should visit their college website’s technology pages or contact their college Help Desk to confirm participation and login credentials for the Microsoft Office 365 for Education program. Once confirmed, students can log in at

Students should visit their college web site technology pages or contact their college Help Desk for more information

Please review the Acceptable Use of University Data in the Cloud Policy before storing, syncing, and/or sharing data in any of cloud service, including Microsoft Office 365 for Education. The following table summarizes what data can be stored so data is protected from unauthorized access.


CUNY's Data Classification table for Cloud Based Services
Data Classification
Data Classification
Data Classification
Allowed in Office 365
Allowed in Office 365
Yes, with security recommendations
Allowed in Office 365

  • Any data not classified as Confidential or Sensitive as defined previously

  • Email and other communications regarding internal matters not been specifically approved for public release
  • Proprietary financial, budgetary or personnel information not explicitly approved by authorized parties for public release
  • Identities of donors or other third-party partner information maintained by the University not specifically designated for public release

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Student educational records
  • Health Information
  • Citizenship information
  • Payment (credit/debit) cardholder information
  • Trade secrets, intellectual property or information that may be relevant for the creation of a University, faculty or student owned patent
  • Human subject and other research data containing PII (i.e., not de-identified) and/or licensed under a restricted data use agreement or other applicable restriction mandated by the CUNY Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) / Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Passwords and access codes





Connecting To MS Office 365

CUNY's licensed version of Office 365 is available to Faculty Staff & Students through its Technology Services Page

CUNY Faculty & Staff should login at:

Microsoft Office 365 for Education provides free access to all active faculty to Office 365 online applications and services including OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.


CUNY Students should login at:

After successfully logging, you may decide whether you would like to remain logged in or choose to input your credentials each time you return to the login page. ( â€‹If you are using a public computer or share your computer with others, you may want to protect your files and other collaborators by Choosing to login each time. â€‹) You will then be presented with the 365 Office App Lineup. â€‹


Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Clicking on the teams Icon will open the teams Application. Once the application has opened, you may choose to download the desktop or mobile app for MS Teams.  

(Downloading the desktop / mobile apps to their respective devices, will redirect the more taxing operations of Teams away from slowing down the internet connection. Users of limited bandwidth/ slower connections will find this less disruptive.) 



Clicking on your Avatar (the small circle with your initials) in the upper right-hand corner will reveal the drop-down menu for your profile and allow you to download the local app needed for your device. 


Finding Your Teams


Once you have successfully opened the Teams application, you are ready to find or create your team. Click the Join or Create team button on the right side of the screen under your Avatar..  



If you know the team you would like to join and have been given a link or a code to join the team by Manager of the Team, Enter your code in the appropriate box and Click the Join Team Button   

Creating Your Team


Clicking the Create Team button allows you to create your own team and manage that team's policies. 



Afterwards, you must select a Team Type. Selecting a Team Type will make it easier to categorize and find later. 

Adding Your Team Members


Right clicking the extended menu for your team's listing choosing Get Link will allow you to generate a link you to your Non-Private team's listing, where they may choose to Join and be confirmed by the Team Manager.   



If the team is Private, clicking Manage Team from the extended menu allows the Team's manager to Generate a code under the Settings Tab, that allows members to Join and be confirmed automatically.   

TroubleShooting & Tips

If you find that your Connections to Microsoft teams keeps dropping. 


1. You can use to  the Assessment  tool from Microsoft to analyze your network connectivity. It may clue you in to issues that could be causing disruptions in your Skype for Business/ Microsoft Team Meetings.(


2. Try to deactivate any firewalls/Proxy (SSL Packet Interception) you may have in place. I understand that this may feel counter intuitive and it does come with inherent risks of course.  However, if your feeling  adventurous and willing to accept the risk, it may be worth the shot to see if it makes a difference.

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