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BLS 150 -- Ethnicity, Health, & Illness: End of Semester Assignment

Course guide for Ethnicity Health and Illness

Ethnicity, Health, & Illness

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End of Semester Assignment -- Prof. Rice

For the Formal Writing Assignment component of the assignment, students will submit a
3-5 page research paper on 1 of the following topics:

a. Food Deserts
b. Chronic Stress in Low Income Communities
c. Environmental Racism/Environmental Injustice
d. Equity of Access to Health Facilities and Services

1. You will conduct an extensive review of the literature on your selected case
study topic: problem, background, and hypothesis, materials and methods (if
applicable), results, analysis, recommendations to the community. Hence, your
paper should discuss what is already known about the topic of your study,
including established risk factors for your community of interest.

2. This topic must be pre-approved by your professor. All of your references for this
assignment must come from scholarly sources and will require extensive use of
the Hostos Library Online Databases and Google Scholar.

3. You must include your case study hypothesis. You must also include a citation

4. You must cite at 5-6 sources scholarly sources in your paper.
Your sources can consist of two (2) periodicals (newspaper articles) but the other
sources must be academic articles.

Check out the tabs for step one and step two above for library resources that you can use to help find resources for this assignment and the library link to Google Scholar.

Also, make sure that you use the MLA format and citation style:

o Make sure that you use MLA Citation Style
o MLA Citiation: Purdue Online Writing Lab:

Structure of your paper

Your essay must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs; however, you may include
additional paragraphs to thoroughly develop your topic:

• Introduction: Present thesis statement
• Paragraph 1
• Paragraph 2
• Paragraph 3
• Conclusion

Essay Outline

Introduction: Present thesis statement
The introduction of your essay should proceed from specific to general ideas. The first
sentence in the introduction, the thesis statement, is the most specific idea. The thesis
statement should communicate a clear overarching idea. A good thesis statement can
be support by other ideas, explanations, and examples in the introduction, body
(paragraphs), and conclusion.

Body of your essay:
Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3
The topic sentence is usually the first sentence of each paragraph. It restates one of the
ideas from the thesis statement. The rest of the paragraph describes the idea found in
the topic sentence. Topic sentences connect the ideas in the (body) paragraphs to the
thesis statement.


Thesis Statement
The present is the best time for me as a woman because living in a world at peace,
being able to develop my talents, and enjoying the love of my family and friends are
the most important things in my life.

Topics Sentences connected to the thesis statement:
• Paragraph 1:Our time is more peaceful than the last 50 years.
• Paragraph 2:The present is important to me as a woman because I can develop my mind and
• Paragraph 3:The third reason, I prefer the present is even more personal: I could never bear
to be separated from my family and friends.

The conclusion is necessary because it brings an essay to a close. The conclusion
refers to the ideas in the introduction and the thesis statement. It should not bring up
new unrelated ideas. You must use different words in the conclusion from those in the
introduction to avoid repetition.