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Early Bilingualism and the Brain: Resources to start your research

This guide is designed to help Prof. Pujol's student research assistants find academic research on bilingualism and the brain

Prof. Pujol's Powerpoint Presentations

Journals and E-journals

This list of online journals contain articles related to your topics. For the purposes of this research, use articles published within the last five to seven years.

Angela Friederici - Broca's and Wernicke's areas revisited


Sample articles

Professor Pujol has compiled these articles on your subject from academic sources. An important way academics do research is to look at the bibliographies of relevant articles.

  • Scan the bibliography (list of sources used) to find other relevant articles on the same topic.
  • Look up the authors and see if they have published other articles on the same topic.  Soon you will become familiar with several researchers working in your area of interest.
  • Use the Google Scholar search box on the right to see if if we have access to articles in the bibliography or to find out what else an author has published.

Search Google Scholar

When you search Google Scholar using this box, look to the right of your results. Links on the right will take you directly to the article's full text, if Hostos Library has access to it.

Google Scholar Search