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HLT 215 Prof. Vasquez-Iscan course guide: Article Summary Report and Presentation

This guide provides general information resources for HLT 215, Nutrition and support for the Article Summary Report and Presentation assignment.


Nutrition and modern food production. (2007). In Nutrition for life: A no fad, non-nonsense approach to eating well and reaching your healthy weight. Retrieved from

Books on nutrition

Assignment from syllabus

Article Summary Report and Presentation Instruction –You must create a one and a half page report and do an 8 minute PowerPoint presentation for the class to see and comment on.  As a first step you may want to use a newspaper, a health/nutrition magazine or the Internet to help you develop a topic. The second step is to find a peer reviewed journal article that focuses on your topic (, Proquest). On the date of your presentation, you must provide a one page typed summary of  the research article discussing your topic.  Items that should be covered in the typed summary:

a.       What kind of study does the article discuss (i.e. case study, randomized trial)?

b.      How was the data collected?

c.      What was the conclusion?

d.     Based on all the materials that you read (magazine, newspaper, Internet, peer reviewed article), how does this information relate to our class in nutrition and what are the recommendations to address the problem?

Step one: develop your topic with background reading

Encyclopedias and handbooks are always good places to start your research. They provide overviews of topics and general informaton about all aspects of nutrition. Another important source health information are websites published by government agencies or professional organizations. They tend to have current health news and information for patients, families, and consumers.

Below is a list of Library resources and reliable websites recommended by Professor Vasquez-Iscan that will help you learn the basics about your topic:

Step two: find a peer-reviewed article

Peer-review is a process of quality control where experts evaluate each other's work, provide comments, and recommend revisions before new research is published. Hostos Library licenses many databases that provide peer-reviewed, scientific articles. Many articles that describe publicly funded research are freely available through PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's database for medical research.

This list of library databases can help you locate peer-reviewed studies on a variety of topics related to health.
These are key peer-reviewed journals in the fields of nutrition and health.